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Wine cases

All of our wine cases are available to order bespoke to your exact preferences. Alternatively, choose one of our selected mixed cases, based on a variety of unique Argentine themes. These themes will help you to gain an insight into the many different regions, grape varieties and styles of wine available from this amazingly diverse wine–making nation.

Super Malbec Case Price £179.50

To celebrate Father's Day we are offering a selection of 6 malbecs that currently are setting the standard for quality and a distinctive expression of their individual Terroir. We have taken regionality as this year's theme, concentrating on specific sub-regions that truly express the diversity that Argentina has to offer. High, low, North, South and soil all have an impact on the expression of this beautiful grape. As a grape varietal, Malbec has been the fastest growing on the planet over the last 5 years, and is now firmly in the consciousness of the UK consumer. These facts are bourn out with last year's figures, showing that of all wine producing countries represented in the UK, Argentina out performed all in terms of growth, and now enjoys 2.8% of the UK market in terms of value. This has been achieved in just 15 years, with the popularity of Malbec clearly leading the charge. We love Malbec at Gaucho, and hope that you will enjoy these beauties selected from our list of 75 (you would need to go to Buenos Aires to get a bigger selection). Of course, all of the wines we list are also available at our online shop.


• Colome de Terruno 'Gran Altura' Malbec • Esperando a Los Barbaros Malbec • Zuccardi Poligonos 'Vista Flores' Malbec • Atamisque Cuvée Privee Malbec • Catena 'Vinas' Lote 18 Lunlunta Malbec • Humberto Canale 'Old Vine' Malbec